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How do copying effects work?


There’s various cards that copy other cards such as Alias, Attunment, or Kahina the Sorcress.

So for example, Kahina copies Blossom, who has a limit on how many times she can be used per game.

Blossom’s text reads:

Before Alphas are chosen, Blossom can remove herself and 1 character from play until the end of turn. Neither can take actions other than regenerate during this time. Blossom cannot affect the same target more than twice.

Copied cards don’t check against the card they were copied from, only against themselves.  When copied, the text will actually read:

Before Alphas are chosen,THIS CARD can remove ITSELF and 1 character from play until the end of turn. Neither can take actions other than regenerate during this time. THIS CARD cannot affect the same target more than twice.

so yes, Kahina is limited to twice, just like Blossom because she’s still the same card. If she somehow created a clone of herself (Alias, for some reason) then the clone could do it twice as well.

So if you want to copy stuff but it has a limit of how often it can be used, it checks against ITSELF, not what it was copied from.





Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

Wow that is depressing. 

okay but is that michelle’s fault for pushing for healtheir lunches or is it school districts’ faults for cutting corner by cutting calories but not making lunch any healthier?

let’s look into it.

^^^Agreed. She is trying. School boards aren’t.

I’ve worked for school lunch program in past. Its been almost 15 years now, but the outfit I worked for actually had a goddamned computer program to calculate things for a bunch of required nutritional variables, when they first started specifying calorie and fat content.  not going over MAX is the big deal now, but there’s also a floor it can’t go below because its assumed that some children that really is a third of their calories for the whole day. 

Anyway, put in the proposed menu and it would tell you it hit the requirements or not.  you could even swap around components to try and jigger it to fit.  Or based on what commodities were available.  No carrots available this cycle? you could swap for peas which were available.

I’m pretty sure the program also included a pricing feature so you could calculate the per price as well. Punch in commodity price, figure out if your meal hits nutrition levels AND you can afford to make it. 

It required a little trial and error because his was FIFTEEN YEARS AGO and ran on a machine with less computing power than the cheapest smart phone. The current generation of these programs have to be a hella of a lot more powerful.

So the technology existed fifteen years ago to DO this and do it cost effectively. That there’s still loads of districts not using something available for more than a decade just shows how resistant many districts are.  Even a cash strapped district should have been able to get their hands on an previous generation of this when it came onto the aftermarket when more affluent districts upgraded.

And this was in a district that had half its students on free & reduced and had a summer lunch program because many students otherwise would have been in such dire straights.  So it wasn’t even prohibitively expensive at the time.  It just required the school lunch program to be reasonable well managed and by now, every place should have some version of this available… if they gave a shit about best practices, which a lot don’t seem to.  Then you don’t end up with the meals shown here!


Water, shadow or ice lairs.  I have a deal for you!

Midnight shimmer/iridescent dragons have a blue/violet sheen.  I thought it would be good to accentuate this trait by breeding a pair with a nice tert color range.  Finally I have created this perfect match.

Just one problem…My flight’s eye color is green and it doesn’t look good.  (I tried.  It was tragic.)

Clearly this matching would do best with eyes from water, shadow, or ice nests.  I’m willing to give this pair FREE to a new player!  All I ask in return is first pick of a single hatchling.
(hatchling sheen Midnight is incorrectly shown as GREEN, but the adult color Midnight is VIOLET.  Fear not, the adults look properly violet/violet.)

Send me an in-game mail to enter the raffle.  Calicougar #20167

The winner will be picked Friday.

not into this type of game, but I know I have followers that would be all over this.  Go get yourself some dragons!

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